Meeting Dates for 2024

January 23
February 27
March 26
April 23
May 28
Eye Clinic- June 23
July 23
August 27
September 24
October 22
November 26
Annual PCLV Specialty Show- December TBD

Meeting Location:

We hold our meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the New City View Diner, 1831 MacArthur Road in Whitehall, PA,.  Meetings start at 7pm.  Come early to eat!


Membership Guidelines

Membership is open to all persons sixteen years of age and older and in good standing with the AKC and who subscribes to the code of ethics of the club.  Dues are set at $20. per person and $20. per family  renewable by February 1st.

Each prospective member should initially attend two meetings.  To apply, fill out the entire membership application available on the club website and submit to the club secretary along with the initiation fee and one year’s dues. Additionally, the application should contain the signatures of two current club members in good standing that agree to sponsor that individual.

The submitted application will be read at the first meeting following the receipt of the application.  At the next meeting, the applicant will be voted upon by those in attendance.  A vote of ¾ of those in attendance is required to elect the applicant.  Applicants for membership who have been rejected may not re-apply for six months.