Code Of Ethics

Poodle Club of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.

I will become familiar with, and will abide by, the rules of the American Kennel Club and the AKC breed standards.

I will strive in my breeding program to improve the breed to
conform more closely to the standards.

I will not engage in the wholesaling of litters or the selling of my stock to such places as pet dealers, catalog houses, or other commercial sources of distribution.

I will not engage in over-breeding of my own bitches for the purpose of profit, with no regard for quality.

I will clearly state to the buyer of a puppy or adult dog whether the sale is of a “Showable” or “Pet“ or other type. I agree to use sales contracts or written agreements to cover any sales or purchase involving a dog.

All puppies and adult dogs will be sold in a clean and healthy condition and shall be old enough to make the necessary adjustments to a new home safely.

No adult or puppy
shall be sold without adequate protection against disease.

I will refuse stud service to any bitch I consider in poor health, or unsound temperament, or of having hereditary disqualifying faults.

Also, I will refuse service to a bitch where I
have reason to believe the owner is unethical, and will not properly care for the bitch and her puppies, or will be unethical in selling.

As stud owner, I will provide a stud certificate stating stud used, date bred, date due to whelp, along with a pedigree of the stud. I will allow one repeat stud service where a bitch has failed to conceive after being bred to one of my studs, or if he produces only one saleable puppy.

I shall not use the Poodle Club for personal gain or profit.

In the event of a complaint lodged against me with the PCLV, I agree to extend my cooperation in the resolution of such a complaint.

I herewith pledge to further the betterment of pure-bred poodles and to maintain these minimum practices.