Gabe Goes to
Good Morning America

Gabe and I had a “ Most Excellent Adventure” today going to NYC to represent Poodles for AKC and PCA. Poodles made the Top 5 breeds for AKC 2022. We love the versatility, intelligence and all the love our poodles give. Gabriel is such a willing partner in all I ask of him and he is such a wonderful ambassador for our breed❤️ It was also fun getting to meet the fellow breeds and their “ people” along with GMA hosts, AKC staff and everyone that helped to make the day so comfortable for all of us- canine and human?After GMA- AKC provided pet taxis to take us to AKC head quarters and museum for an AKC official announcement. Another fun event that Gabe stepped to the plate for. He got a lot of hugs, kisses and cookies. He is sacked out now in a somewhat uncomfortable looking position but he doesn’t care. We booked out of NYC to York PA the Celtic Classic. Yes- poodles can do it all ❤️
--Lori Wintz

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GABE on the grooming table preparing for his Good Morning America debut..
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On the set. . . going LIVE!!